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eEx NetLab v1.0.1

eEx NetLab - What's that?

NetLab is a tool which enables the compilation of several network functions via point & click on a graphical user interface. The UI enables the user to drag and drop several components like routers, network interface cards, network maps and much more from the toolbox to NetLab's workspace. There, the components can be configured and connected together.
Even complex functions can be arranged and understood this way very easily, because all network traffic flowing through the NetLab is visualized and can be logged.

The NetLab also features a rich API on which own applications can be build. See the API Documentation and the How-To section for more information.

The NetLab, together with eEx Network Symphony, earned an Award of Distinction at PRIX ARS Electronica in the category u19 - Freestyle Computing in 2010.

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